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"Outsource SEO to A New India™"

A New India™ have a separate division to deal with our outsourcing partners. We pay the exclusive attention to our outsourcing business partners.

Why SEO Outsourcing?
Outsourcing SEO / Online Marketing Outsourcing can always help you save big TIME & Money. Think how much you spend in managing your inhouse team, arranging resources, paying for equipments, stationery, management, hr, marketing and moreover your whole time in inspecting them.

But if you outsource your SEO and Online marketing work you will get benefit by saving cost. Getting quality work done at lower cost will help you save more, Also it will save your more precious time which you can invest in focusing on generating more business.

Outsourcing Problems While Working with Outsourcing Companies
  1. SEO Vendor Setup Process Sometime Takes Longer.
  2. Vendor Choice Problems (Vendor Judgement Problems, Even some vendor shows fake proofs).
  3. Outsourcing SEO Companies fails on Communication.
  4. Outsourcing SEO Companies unable to train their staff for ethical work practices.
  5. Work Ethics problem between Company and Outsourcing Vendors.
  6. Inadequate Contract Exit Language.
  7. Time Importance, Routine Reporting, Way of Communication and Lack of Punctuality.
  8. After all Fails to provide results.
  9. No penalties defined for not achieving results / un-bridged communication/ poor quality work or lack of punctuality.
  10. Unable to manage communication theme lines.

(Sources: Strategic Outsourcing)

Why Outsourcing SEO to us?
We completely understand what makes a Outsourcing Company look like a very bad company and what makes a Company to look like a very good outsourcing Partner. Hence we provide a state of the art technology outsourcing services built with perfection and on a fixed structure.

We feel that the need for 5 C in outsourcing business is must to make a good relationship for a growth making business for both Vendors as well as Companies who are outsourcing.

Our seo outsourcing process is based on "5 C principles". We understand that these are the essentials for every company who is looking for outsourcing SEO to someone OffShore / OnShore or NearShore.

The Five 'C' Principles are:-


Providing the two tier cost which is far less than market price ( In the Market where Company Business Exist).

Our SEO Services are far affordable and cheaper in cost. Each service is specially designed and elaborated with its deliverables so that end client gets to know what he is purchasing for.

Selecting us can help you saving your cost and time (Large Staff Expenses, Management Charges, and Save Time) is considered a big player in increasing your profitability.

"Communication is the key"

Communication failure/ Lack of Communication / Miscommunication is the biggest reason of taking a client;s faith away from a company. And this is the biggest problem in Outsourcing Business.

This is our strongest point. We provide all support to our customers at any time they wish. We have Automatic as well as manual support system so that our customer get to know what is going on.

Our customer care is 24/7 live and divided into following parts

  • Sales:
    • sales@anewindia.com
    • (Head - raj@anewindia.com)
    • +001-877-778-3329 - (24/7)
    • +91-9873739353 - (24/7)
  • Customer Care:
    • support@anewindia.com
    • (Head - parul@anewindia.com)
    • +91-9873739353 - (24/7 Support)
    • +91-11-22466245 - (Office Landline)
  • Reporting:
    • Mailed by-Weekly (15th and 30th of Every Month)
    • Client can also download the report from ANEWINDIA™ CRM system.
  • Live Chat:
    • Skype : ANEWINDIA
    • Yahoo : ANewindia1
    • MSN : ANEWINDIA@hotmail.com

100% Moneyback Guarantee.
100% Ethical SEO Process (Transparent and no small text or hidden terms and conditions).
100% Quality Support.
100% Friendly Behaviour


We are so confident in our working structure and deliverables that we offer 100% money back guarantee for SEO and PPC Results. Even we are much confident for PPC that we can generate quality leads for you or else we will not charge any single penny. You pay us reward only when you are happy enough.


We believe in contribution for mutual benefits, Hence we are offering free SEO Services & PPC Management for Lead generation to all of our SEO Outsourcing Partners.

To Get in Touch Mail To: raj@anewindia.com or Call Us: +91- 9873739353 and Fill the Form.

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