A New India Care

We understand our social responsibility towards nature and its beings. Thus, we do our bit with the help of every single business we get from our clients. A part of our monthly profit goes to our charity program, WeForAnimalCharity.

Animal Care

WeForAnimalCharity is an initiative to help strays live a better and long life. We also work towards reducing the risk of rabies that’s responsible for 20,000 deaths every year in India.
Being a small entity, we try to reach out local or nearby communities which have recorded a rise in stray population. As per the situation, we get dogs spayed. By taking such step, we not only help people live in harmony but also try to reduce various health risks that result in fatal deaths of strays.By getting them neutered, we help them reduce the risk of prostate infections, prevent testicular cancer, controlling the ever-growing population, and their aggressive and dominant behaviour. But there is more to this…Normally we do not get in touch with animals with a fear that they may strike and end up hurting us. However, the act of protection is often considered violent behaviour. We too need to understand that as a being they seek care and attention. A source that can rub their bellies, tap on their heads or scratch behind their ears in adoration.Being considerate towards strays, will not only bring joy to them but to you too. So, join us and take a step towards the betterment of their life!

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