5 SEO Skills Needed to Rank Higher on Google

Search Engine Optimization should be at the top of your priority list if you are relying on people to find you through Google search. But to rank on the first page of Google is extremely difficult, as it requires you to follow Google’s guidelines and a lot of skills and strategies. With every Google algorithm update, it has a history of taking SEO tactics that once worked amazingly well and reducing its benefits and demanding a higher level of quality. There is always a need to keep up with every algorithm update and finding ways and different techniques to cope up with the challenges to maintain the rank on SERP. SEO professionals come from a diversity of backgrounds with different skills; however, there are various SEO skill needed to rank higher on Google. Following are some points:

Speaking and Writing Ability:

SEO professional who can do their own keyword research and writes contents are valuable. This does not mean that they should just be good at writing articles or speaking at conferences; they should also be able to convince internal teams and clients to do the right things. SEO professionals are required to have the ability to extract complex ideas and thoughts down into concepts.

Technical and Programming Skills:

An SEO professional should be able to have basic knowledge of technical and programming skills even if they are not the ones performing the troubleshooting. It will be easier if they can speak with the developers, understand where they are coming from, and offer insights rather than just making demands. Many DEO professionals are doing well without the knowledge of programming, but it will be beneficial if they understand the coding. Many technical issues become easier with basic programming and technical knowledge, such as optimizing page, image, slow loading page, and many more.

Analytic Skills:

SEO professionals can save more time if they can log into Adobe or Google analytics to keep a check on the data instead of waiting for some to do it in their free time. Through this, they can track, report website traffic, and see how well certain strategies are performing. Google analytic allows one to analyze in-depth detail about the visitors on the website and provides invaluable insights to shape the strategy of the business. Having this skill will be helpful as they will be able to understand the insights and data.


Researching skills is essential as any SEO specialist will be required to do a lot of it. Research often starts with keyword and competitor analysis, which provides the insights necessary to create strategies for campaigns. Apart from this, they are also required to do a lot of reading about the latest news and search engine technologies and stay up-to-date will all the necessary information. The faster and more efficiently one researches, the better the campaigns.

Motivation and Adaptability:

An SEO specialist needs to have the drive to keep on learning new things; whether it is a new programing language, a new framework, a new search engine standards, or anything, there is always something to learn. The SEO industry keeps on changing, and it requires the ability to adapt to new changes. Sometimes the effort one put in will be fruitless and may face criticism and misunderstanding with the clients. The SEO professionals should be able to preserve these moments and find solutions no matter what.

No doubt, There can be a lot of ups and downs in the online marketing industry, and therefore, it is important to take a step back and hire the best people who have the right skills that can make sure you get your goals achieved.

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