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Okay, quick question, where does your site rank now? Is it on the first page? If not, you are missing out on the customers and business. Your business should need more attention from the audience, and it should get transformed into sales, even before you know. And SEO is the answer to this.SEO should be more than a low-priority task on your marketing to-do list for any company, invariable of size.SEO is more essential than ever for organizations looking to boost traffic and income as we enter the digital era and beyond. Go through this blog, and let the data speak for itself. If your understanding of SEO is a little outdated, these SEO facts will get you to grips with the newest strategies and fashions. Find out how the SEO reseller kit works and how you can utilize it to advance. And make your business better. These SEO statistics will blow your mind.

SEO, the new age marketing Tool

Firstly, if you are unaware of it as a marketing strategy, then you are losing out on many. SEO in the search engine is essential. It’s a tactic that works well for internet marketing. Your website or blog will have a greater chance of being found better in search engines such as Google and Bing if you use these techniques. Tools for SEO offer information and warnings regarding the general well-being and performance of your website. They assist in determining areas for improvement and flaws or problems that can prohibit you from appearing and gaining awareness in the SERPs.

Top SEO stats for you!

Off-Page SEO Makes Up 75% of SEO

Can you believe this? It is true. Your realization that the time and effort you invest into developing fresh your website’s content will only account for a quarter of Google’s ranking variables may surprise you.  In reality, off-page SEO work takes up the majority of your time and effort. Adding stuff like backlinks from relevant sites connecting to that content piece is considered off-page optimization.

Slow Loading Page: 50% percent chance they exit!

According to research, a large percentage of visitors anticipate your page to load in under three seconds and will leave if it takes more than three seconds to do so. As strange as it may sound, consider it in the context of the modern world. Everything is quick and available at our tips, and consumers have a choice about how they behave online. Embrace your guests’ restlessness rather than being afraid of it. When it comes to SEO, investing money in creating a quick property page will pay off. Your bounce rate will go down, and your visitors will be content.

Only Top 10 Websites on the Internet Focus on Content

It is definitely a stunner. Everyone is just focusing on the right content. And to rank on the first page, you just need that. Even though content marketing dominates SEO, you might be surprised to learn that some of the most popular websites worldwide are not content-based. They are useful and eCommerce. The eCommerce sites like eBay and Amazon are popular retail sites that constantly score well.

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