How to structure an SEO team

Remote SEO Staff

Let us assume you are a small business, you have just started now, but that cannot stop you from achieving. You need to ensure that all areas are covered. For example, the quality of the product, at what price you provides, and what makes your product best among others? All these questions should have answers. Apart from this, marketing is one thing that needs focus. Sure they will need more focus and attention. And in a small business, you cannot have an in-house SEO team, and they cannot be able to take up everything. You can focus on your niche, and you should develop your core. So hire an SEO team and focus on just one of your areas. When you hire SEO team, you should know how it is structured. Let us see what components are essential in an SEO team.

What is an SEO Team?

The team that can carry out your Search Engine Optimization needs is known as the SEO team. Your SEO team will take care of your website’s content and design. They will organize your website rightly. And make it optimized for the search engine. Google and other search engines follow separate patterns and algorithms, and your SEO team should understand that and make it right.

How to structure an SEO team?

You need a content team and an outreach team to market your material and establish links in addition to developers to meet technical SEO needs. And of course, you need someone to oversee everyone so that everything goes properly. Keep in mind that you don’t need to assemble a big squad to do this. Many of these jobs may be completed by one or two employees. Just how much money you have to spend and how competitive your keywords are will determine this. A manager, team lead, web developer, content team, and outreach team should be on your SEO team.

Establish your hiring priorities and goals

Your goal and financial resources will determine how big your team should be. Finding out your competitive environment should be your first step before recruiting anyone. The Content Gap and Keywords Explorer tools from Ahrefs can be used for this. You’re attempting to determine three things. What types of keywords am I pursuing? How difficult are these terms to rank for? And what positions do I most need to fill?

Conduct a technical SEO with the Site Audit tool

Conducting a Site Audit enables you to go within the technical SEO of your website. You will receive a Health Score after conducting an audit on your URL that reveals the state of your site’s technical SEO. The rating of the SEO is determined by a number of elements, such as page speed, CSS and HTML, meta tags, and more.

After this, you can focus on the marketing and branding side of it. Your product and product’s site will surely get to have a good reach among the search engines. Now focus on the needed marketing and branding. Hire a remote SEO team and make your site get more traffic.


Setting up the right SEO team is a milestone for sure. Your business and its reach should go to people. And SEO is the way to do it.

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