6 Link Building Mistakes that You Need to Avoid

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It is evident that maintaining an SEO campaign involves many factors, and one of the difficult one is creating strong links for the website so the website will remain visible for the users. Nowadays, link building is much more essential then it used to be. While there are many methods to help you earn more backlinks for your website, there are some mistakes you might be making that can adversely impact your creative link building and website ranking. So, here are some major mistakes that most business owners make, hence, avoid them or get rid of them if you are making any of them to get positive results.

Mistake 1# Excessive Use of Same Anchor Text Links

No doubt, it is entirely normal to obsess about the same matching keyword in anchor texts, but if you use this practice too much, you can quickly get penalized and lose website ranking from the search platform. There are numerous companies perform this tactic thinking that would make their site more noticeable on the search, Therefore, rather than engaging in this practice, use organic and quality keywords if you want to increase the traffic rate to your site.

Mistake 2# Linking with Bad Reputation Sites

It is crucial for you to never link to a site that has a bad reputation in the industry. These sites usually are spam and post duplicate content that can seriously put your site in a dangerous situation. Keep in mind that the search engine won’t prefer these sites as these sites are completely fake and contain duplicate content. Hence, you should avoid getting backlinks from these sites.

Mistake 3# Buying Links

Do not try to purchase links from other sites to increase your backlinks as it may get you banned from search engines and affect your website ranking. Due to various Google updates, buying or selling links are often considered spam. Hence, you should not only avoid this but also try finding natural links to make your site more approachable and presentable among users. Also, hire a freelance to create well-structured guest posts and upload them to the relevant blog with the backlink to your web page.

Mistake 4# Receiving Backlinks Only from PR Websites

Although it is a good idea to get backlinks from high PR sites, however, make sure to keep a mix between high PR websites and low PR websites as it produces better results. If you only build up too many high PR links, then your site might not look original. While there is no mention of Google on this, it’s ideally a good idea to balance both high PR and low PR websites.

Mistake 5# Using irrelevant Anchor Text

It is evident that the search engines normally count backlinks of the site. But you should also consider anchor text for getting backlinks. However, using anchor text like Go to, Click Here, Check-Out are of no use, and it is not a great idea to put them in your backlinks. Adding these anchor text will only drop your website ranking in SERPs. Hence to avoid this, try to get backlinks that have mixed keywords or anchor texts to make it look natural in the eyes of search engines and the readers.

Mistake 6# Building Links Exclusively for Home Page

It has become a trend among many business owners. However, building backlinks for only one page is not ideal as it will make your site artificial. Therefore, you must give attention to the other pages while performing link building. This will not only make your link building better but also help you get top ranking in the search results.

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