6 Marketing Strategies You Must Follow After Covid-19

One of the biggest impacts of the Coronavirus outbreak can be seen in the digital market. A visible shift in consumer search behavior and PPC performance shows how deadly the current crisis is. It caused businesses to pause or reduce their efforts on advertising in the past few weeks due to lockdown. Unfortunately, a pause isn’t what marketing wants during such a critical time. In fact, it’s time to hold steady and ensure a comeback with aggressive and fresh strategies after Covid-19. If you continue with your advertising and optimization tactics, in the long run, great opportunities will surface your pavement. It’s imperative for your team to place adjustments in response to the shifts in searches and market share, to make your coronavirus digital marketing effective. Since the PPC setups your team has introduced before and during the crisis aren’t useful after it ends, given below are the top 6 tactics you need to pay heed to.

Bidding Strategy

Organizations are responding to this global pandemic in drastic ways, changing the competitor market altogether. Either they are reducing the time and money spent on marketing or pulling the entire budget. Although you would condemn our suggestion to hold on with your budget, it is the need of the hour. It’s time you switch to reviewing and adjusting both automated and manual bidding strategies. Also, it will stand helpful if you monitor the volatile market and don’t just set and forget the adjustments you planned.


How people are browsing the internet has changed tremendously. The search engine no longer receives universally sophisticated and generic keywords, instead, it is now flooded with simple language words tied with ‘during Covid-19’ in the end. Therefore, your weekly task must be to review search term reports and search queries on Google Analytics.

Device Strategy

Have you also been working from home during this ongoing lockdown? Then, you will surely relate to the struggle of switching between a laptop, a desktop, and mobile throughout the day. Marketers can learn from the scenario that while the users are using every device nowadays, they are going to rely more on mobiles after it gets over. Hence, their best amendment should be made in the PPC campaigns for mobile traffic after the quarantine.

Ad Copy & Extensions

Ads that have worked so far might not lure the prospects anymore, giving you a reason to get rid of irrelevant ad copies and anything that seems insensitive. What the rival firm is doing to keep itself alive in the market should also be tabbed on, so you can adapt the techniques that worked for them. Last but not the least, ‘shop local’ is an emerging search trend and you should use its variation in your advertisements to help vendors in your community.

Quality Scores

Quality score is a common marketing function, however, if you still haven’t done it, it’s time you focus on it with a few easy steps. First, you should garner the list of all the current keyword quality scores and then create a new Ad copy. Lastly, do the same for the landing pages and see the results booming like never before.


Having marketed to a certain group of prospects and leaving them alone once they are converted into final consumers, will drive them away eventually. When you are short on business operations, you can utilize that time to remarket to those who already exist in your network. Reviving their interest in your product will build up a substantial audience for times after the lockdown gets lifted.

Wrap Up

Whatever the adjustments a PPC professional makes should be shifted back to normal once the dust settles. Nevertheless, prepping the business with the foregoing techniques to better encounter the times after Covid-19 is still a great idea to meet the expected ends when things will begin to normalize in the market.

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