Email Marketing vs Social Media: Who’s the Winner?

Today, more than half of the total population in the world uses the internet as a medium for the exchange of goods and services. They scroll down distinct websites to find what they want to fulfill their needs and wants. But how do they know who sells what? That’s what marketing is for. Digital marketing is a practice of making people aware of the products and services being offered by a particular eCommerce entrepreneur. It can be done through different platforms and two of them are emails and social media. With approximately 80% of people using social media actively, this platform was construed comparatively more powerful than email marketing. Although both platforms are the opposing ends of the marketing spectrum and do wonders individually, their integration must not be undermined for that can sky-rocket the performance of your campaign in a whole new way. Here, we are going to talk more about this conflict and try to come to an unambiguous conclusion which of the two is a winner in the internet marketing game.


While many marketers were juggling through the confusion which platform will help them cultivate high reach quickly, an expert tried an experiment. He sent a set number of people email opt-in forms and twitter page follow-invitation. However, many would think clicking the follow button is easier than giving an email id, the result showed exactly the opposite. It showed more email subscriptions and twitter follows nowhere near to those subscriptions. It means grabbing the attention of potential customers is easy via email marketing than through social media.

User Preference

People provide their contact details only when they want the dealer to update them about new offers, discounts, promotions, and more. Contrarily, people on Facebook are less likely to indulge in the actual act of purchase. Considering their preference, the availability of both platforms on the mobile phones of the audience enunciates that for over 60% of people, email is the first go-to platform, following which comes any other social media channel.


As mentioned above, more people prefer and trust informational and promotional emails sent by the dealers they seek to partner with. They also don’t hesitate in turning into an actual customer through email marketing instead of social media marketing. The reason being psychological here, global internet users might follow the dealers’ Facebook page but would not want them to creep in their DMs. On the other hand, they expect emails from the dealers who they have subscribed to.


It could be extremely disturbing for those who believe in social media addiction because, despite such massive engagement, e-commerce businesses fail to reach a significant consumer base through social media. However, they deem to reap approximately 85% of the inbox placement rate via email marketing. It happens because social media posts are more general whereas emails are drafted personally to influence the subscribers’ purchase drive.


Return on Investment is gauged on both platforms distinctly. While the static measurement of email marketing shows an ROI of 4300%, return on social media marketing can’t be ascertained because of different comparison methods being used by different marketers. Even if it could be possible, it isn’t hard to accept that the result would have been in favor of emails.

What Does It Boil Down To?

Email marketing is for retaining loyal customers and strengthening the relationship with them. Social media marketing is for defining your brand to attract potential customers. So, working with both, hand-in-hand, should be your ultimate decision to provide exceptional marketing to the audience.

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