Essential SEO Risks that Every Company Should Avoid

For the past many years, Search Engine Optimizations or SEO has been regarded as the best strategy to gain ranking on the search engine pages. But, SEO has witnessed a huge change in the past few years as every business owner and marketer wants to get to the top ranking on the search engine. And for this reason, many businesses are using various tricks to get to the top of the SEO ranking but only a few get success. Therefore, if you’re new to the SEO business, it recommended for you to avoid those risks that can harm your SEO ranking. In this regard, a professional SEO company can help you achieve that top ranking without taking harmful risks. Here are some risks every beginner should avoid when going for the top ranking

Avoid Bad Quality Doorway Pages

Doorway pages are most commonly used to design batches for targeting certain keywords and keyword groups. But, most of the SEO services majorly avoid them as google dislikes them. It is found that websites that use them are often penalized by google. Hence, you should avoid adding them to your websites.

Ignore Neutral Backlinks

No doubt that backlinks play an essential role in the SEO process, but you need to be careful when applying them to your website. But, one thing you must avoid is neutral backlinks as they are not considered effective for the website and don’t give the website the hike it needs. Also, these backlinks attract penalties to the website and your website can be penalized for that if you use them. Hence, you should take other alternatives to boost your website instead of using neutral backlinks.

Eliminating content or the Whole Page

It may seem inevitable to delete a certain page from your website, especially it is about a product that your company no longer produces. But you delete the page, the ranked keywords of the page will also get deleted and the same will happen to your URL page. So, it is recommended for you to avoid deleting or removing that page entirely if you do that you may lose your ranking. But, one thing you can do is to add a small message for the users to redirect them to the relevant page.

Making Too Many Changes to the Site

Sometimes it is good to update your website and even google recommends fresh content over old. But if you are doing minor changes too often it can decrease your website ranking. Making too many changes to the online site will raise red flags for google as well. Google will think that your website is suspicious and may end penalizing it. Even users will also find it hard to navigate through the website and might even think that your website is suspicious. Therefore, avoid doing too many changes to the website.

Ignore Using of Exact Keywords in Anchor Text

In the past, it was good to use exact targeted keywords in the anchor text to provide a link to your website and it was reasonable also as it was the keywords for which you want your website to get rank. But, like many other techniques, this strategy is also commonly used by black hat optimizers as they use excessive volume of these exact keywords in anchor text to get their website ranked. If you’re using this practice then you should avoid as you end up getting penalized by google.

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