Four Key Pillars of a Successful SEO

Search Engine Optimization is one of the main marketing strategies that helps online retailers create a successful internet business. SEO is a complicated process that has a lot of interconnected parts but if planned and executed properly, you can outsmart any competitor. An SEO strategy is a pattern for Search Engine Optimization activities that can be drawn in definitive steps. It is a long-term solution to drive organic traffic to the website, improve conversion rates, and increase revenue. There are numerous SEO services in India that you can work with and get the best return from your investments.

What is an SEO strategy?

An SEO strategy is a procedure of organizing a website’s content by relevant topics, which helps search engines to understand the intent of the users when searching for relevant content. By optimizing the web page around the different topics, placing keywords in the topics, you can easily drive organic traffic towards the website. This not only increases your skills in using the search engine but also your rank features on the top.
Here are the main key pillars of SEO that companies and organization need to consider are:

Technical SEO

Technical SEO may seem a little discouraging and daunting but it is important to make sure the search engine can easily read your content and go through your website. Content management system easily takes care of this, and software like Deep Crawl and Screaming Frog helps you in highlighting the errors on the website. If you are a small business or individual who is using WordPress for the website, it is recommended not to use technical SEO. Technical SEO is much more relevant and important to the large companies that are running huge websites with millions of pages.

On-Site SEO

Your Website should be optimized properly and efficiently on both whole and individual page level. You must create a well-managed and well-structured content for your website. The main things to consider are:
• Keywords selection: Select relevant keywords for the target audience
• Meta descriptions: Create a meta description in a manner that it looks like an ad copy to increase the click-through rate.
• Call to action: Make sure to place a call to action so that the user can know more about the product.
• User experience: You must make sure that users find it easy to navigate through the website.
• Descriptive URLs: Ensure that your URL is simple and understandable.
There is no denying the fact that content is the most important thing that drives organic traffic to the website. And in this, your website is the main path for your content. And if you’re intelligent enough, your content can go beyond by driving users to the website and converting them into a lead. There are 3 types of content for service business
• Service Content: Tell the types of services you offer.
• Credibility Content: Tell about the vision in relation to your business.
• Marketing Content: Content that helps you become a professional and put your business in front of the vision for marketing purposes.
It is essential to consider that SEO is important for all kinds of content, but most of the time, service type content is used in SEO related topics. Content is the main part of all SEO services that are looking to successfully drive traffic for their client’s website.

Off-Site SEO

Authority building another important element of this strategy. Building your authority involves link building in a large number. Links are still regarded as a crucial component for developing strong organic rankings, however, it is very hard to place the current link in SEO. If you can develop a positive link building, you are already ahead of the competitors.

SEO may look like a complex process to handle but using these four pillars in your SEO strategy will help you efficiently optimize your website.

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