How to Avoid Google Penalty?

Website Penalty Recovery

By doing things like deliberately hiding text from human visitors (but leaving the text in place for search engines to crawl), redirecting users to a different page than they clicked on search results, and with the intention of breaking the browser back button so that website visitors can press ‘back’ and leave the website, putting you at greater risk of fines from Google (and other search engines). Not only this, but it also provides bad user information to your website visitors.

The aim should be to stay clear of these deliberate deceptive tactics and focus on providing good, friendly, useful and complete information for your website visitors. Contact us for best and affordable Google Penalty Recovery.

Tips to avoid Google penalty

Too Many Ads On The Page

As bloggers, it is expected that we will display advertising across all of our websites. It is one of the many revenue streams we use. But excessive use of advertising will lead to bad experiences for our visitors. As a result, there is the potential for punishment by Google.

Remove Outgoing Spam Links

Opening up our blog articles to comment, if not regularly maintained, has led to our articles becoming a breeding ground for spam links. We, as bloggers, are at high risk for this as we are indifferent and cease to oversee comments.

It is recommended that you always monitor commenters first and regularly review all comments to ensure that no comments are linked to spam websites.

Improve the Quality of Your Content

As always, content is important. No matter how many of and .edu websites and websites are associated with your blog, if the quality of content on your blog is poor, Google will never rank you as an authoritative website.

Maintain the quality of your content and avoid Google penalties by ensuring that the content on each page of your website is unique (that means completely different … not ‘similar’). Make sure your content is unique rather than similar to the content found elsewhere on the Internet.

Make sure there is plenty of content; Websites with limited content are often viewed as spam or created for no apparent reason.

Don’t be a Social Lier

Population increases seem to be more common in recent times. Forcibly increasing the number of Tweets about your product, the number of Facebook likes, or lying about the number of email subscribers you have is a surefire way to be punished by Google at a time when Social Media is heavily tied to search engines. . Trying to trick Google+ is as good as cheating the search engine itself, and you will be caught.

Do not try to lie about your social media. If you are worried about your low points when you start your blog, just show nothing. Showing nothing is sometimes better than showing low score. Let your best content speak, rather than your social outcomes. Reach out to us for best website penalty recovery.


While the above we do get into trouble for avoiding Google penalties, in the end all these ideas come from it is the ability to provide useful, complete and easy user information to your website visitors. Google has no interest in rating the websites itself.

It is interested in ranking websites well for people, and as a result, it considers a website that is very useful, easy to use, and has high quality recommendations that come in to rank high in its search results. Remember what Google wants and you will not only succeed in avoiding Google punishment, but you will also succeed in providing excellent information to your visitors.

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