Mistakes to Avoid for Better Search Engine Rankings

It is more than the fact that to grow in a competitive scenario of digital marketing one must have to be aware of the Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and its impact on a company’s bottom line. However, practicing for an SEO is the first step into the system. A well-Designed Strategy with a thorough knowledge of Google algorithms is essential for a well-respected and Best SEO company in India. When designing an SEO Strategy, the organization can end up making errors which can adversely affect its online validity and even result in a penalty. Hence, we found a list of errors that can hamper your business on a digital platform.


There is a misunderstanding that SEO solely revolves around keywords. But keywords play only a part in a complicated algorithm. However, SEO company in India must be careful about how to use these keywords in an effective manner. A company must be aware of the following mistakes:

• Keyword stuffing: Keyword stuffing means to use a web page’s text with the same keywords in a repeated manner. Thus, the content gets penalized.
• Using incorrect keywords: It is necessary that the keywords used are mostly those which are used by the targeted audience.
• Optimizing of only one keyword: This is the biggest error that one can make. The users search for a lead through different keywords; therefore, it is necessary to use all the keywords.

Content Quality:

It is a fact that content is the main thing. No matter how effective or influential your SEO strategy is if the quality of the content is lacking behind then it will lead to the downfall of the website ranking. Some of the errors that are usually visible in the content are as follows:
• Scraped Content: Scraped contents are those contents which are usually copied and pasted from other websites.
• Thin Content: Thin contents are those contents which provide insignificant value to the users such as automatically generated content, duplicate pages, or pages with less information. Such content leads to a bad review and hampers the organization’s online business and ultimately reduction of profit margin.

The working condition of Website:

If you want to ensure a good ranking on the search engine, then your website needs to be fast, secure, user-friendly and should be optimized to secure a high position in the Search Engine Ranking Pages (SERPs). It is important to understand that time is everything. A website that is low in speed will produce lower revenue. Hence, try to make sure that your SEO company has advanced software so that you don’t have to deal with low speed for loading your website page.

Website Authority:

When a website seems appropriate to the Google algorithms, then it is likely to get a higher rank. To control the authority, SEO companies in India need to avoid the following errors:
• Lack of External link: External links mostly work for the recommendation of the main website. To get an external link, SEO companies need to provide quality content which is related and valuable to the link.
• Lack of reviews: Most of the users rely on online reviews before doing any purchase. Thus, reviews are not only important for users but also for SEO companies.
• Lack of affiliation: To create trust in the users, it is necessary to affiliate a website. Here, being positioned on the homepage increases business credibility.

No website Analytics:

The success of the best SEO project depends on how effectively it is getting tracked. Great SEO has the right tracking and analytics department which calculates the performance of the campaign and gives the insights. If tracking is used in the right manner, it will offer a lot of information like:
• Amount of new and existing visitors on the website
• The geographical location of the user
• Amount of time spent on the website.
To avoid these above-mentioned errors, an SEO inspection needs to be done. This provides a clear picture of the website’s SEO campaign and what needs to be done in the future. The best SEO company in India has every possible solution for these errors. For more information about common-seo-mistakes Click here

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