Reasons to avoid Guaranteed Google SEO services

Google SEO Services

Guaranteed Google SEO services pledges for a specific result, like first page ranking for a certain number of keywords. They often assure to pay back the money, free SEO work for a certain period if they cannot achieve the target outcomes. When we refer to guaranteed SEO services, we are raising issues to use ethical tactics, report regularly on results or other assurances. We also desire to work upon guaranteed specific outcomes and positions on Search Engine Result Pages.

Reasons to avoid these agencies

It is tempting to work with companies that provide guaranteed SEO rankings. However, it also carries significant risks along with lackluster results and sometimes brings detrimental effects on business and rankings. I shall justify the reasons to avoid Guaranteed Google rankings agency briefly:

  1. Search Engines warn against Guaranteed Google SEO – One of the most enthralling reasons to abstain from the guaranteed SEO services is that Google search engine explicitly criticizes not to work with such SEO’s. Google mentions and alerts that no company can provide no 1 ranking on Google, so beware of such fraudsters.
  2. Guarantee something which is under your control – SEO agencies do not have any authority over search engine rankings so giving guarantees raises moral questions and also brings humdrum effects. Google also hints out about what ranking algorithm looks for so no SEO agency can find the ranking algorithms. However, the SEO activity of other websites targeting our keywords and the company’s overall reputation is also essential for Google rankings. For example, a defective product of a company may suffer its ranking.
  3. Guaranteed Google Services may use black hat tactics – Many companies offer guaranteed search engine rankings using tactics not allowed by Google. These tricks are called black hat tactics, and they aim to trick Google’s algorithms rather than rank. Examples include buying links and hiding keywords within the content using invisible text. Nowadays, algorithms are much smarter, so trying these tactics can result in penalties that can hurt rankings.
  4. Guaranteed rankings provide minuscule benefits – Certain companies tricks in their agreement using ploy that enables them to deliver on their guarantees that do not help to achieve business goals. Rankings alone are not enough to get a tangible advantage from SEO. We need to target the right keywords to bring visitors and convert them into customers. Shady SEO agencies also cause to lose the capital expenses even if they fail to deliver the guarantee.
  5. One-size-fit all SEO strategies are not always applicable – SEO is not a one-size-fit strategy. The tactics needed and the ranking relies on the industry’s competitiveness, location, and the popularity of our target keywords. If the company offers the same assurances to all its clients, basically it is using a cookie-cutter strategy. This allows us to lose the uniqueness of our brand. If we need to get the best results, we must follow a custom SEO strategy that matches our goals and aims.
  6. Incorrect SEO strategies can hurt business – If we approach an inappropriate agency for SEO rankings, who fails to deliver on its promises, we can shift to another agency, but it would consume a long time to recover the damaged rankings or penalties incurred upon us while working with the previous agency. Moreover, if they use black hat tactics, it can bring obliterate our brand image in the SEO rankings, and it would take huge time to again make a comeback with authority in the eyes of Google.

I intend to portray that a trustworthy agency is very much essential to prepare a custom SEO strategy for our brand. As a reason, we must go through the portfolio and case studies of what they can accomplish or their experience in the SEO field. Guaranteed Google SEO agencies can hamper our business and brand loyalty to a great extent.

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