Things You Should Avoid When Hiring an SEO Reseller Company

The need for online presence has sky-rocketed in this highly competitive business marketing world. Hence, to make your online presence more appealing and profitable, you may think of investing in several internet marketing models, software, tools, strategies, and tactics. All of these together, work towards a central goal i.e. maximization of relevant traffic on the website that has the potential to convert into future sales. One of the most common internet marketing strategies is SEO or Search Engine Optimization. Search Engine Optimization is a process of maximizing the quality traffic to a website and achieving the higher rank for the website on the Search Engine Result Pages (SERPs) by using quality content and reliable keywords. Many SEO reseller companies are out there in the Indian market and are stuffed with experienced and knowledgeable SEO professionals. An SEO reseller in India helps businesses improve their visibility on the internet by identifying the most searched keywords and using these keywords to create quality and reliable content on the webpages and increasing the numbers of backlinks and inbound links.

If you are an owner of small business and are looking for a good SEO reseller for your business needs, read below the things you should make sure, the SEO reseller you are considering doesn’t do.

Buys Backlinks

Link building is an imperative part of SEO campaign wherein SEO resellers earn backlinks to link their client’s sites with an authorized web page. However, if an SEO reseller buys these backlinks, chances are they are bought from an unreputable source like ‘’free for all’’ pages. Moreover, even Google penalizes such acts and has penalized many big companies in the past also for buying backlinks against Google’s policy.

SEO Copywriting

SEO copywriting is no longer a measuring algorithm for ranking websites on the Search Engine Result Pages. Now, Google has started giving preference to content that is relevant to the user’s queries and is written in correct spells and grammar. The content which is stuffed with the keywords and has no connection to the keywords has become a rotten element, while content that appeals the users and keeps them engaged on the webpages tends to reduce website’s bounce rates and increase search engine ranking. Thus, SEO resellers claiming they do SEO copywriting should be strictly avoided.

Promises Fast Result

Search Engine Optimization is a persistent process which cannot give profitable results in just a week or month. If any SEO reseller promises to do so, it’s time to take an opposite route because it can put your business in a penalty box of Google. Using black hat tricks for achieving fast result will also compromise with the quality of the service in the long run.

Claims to Have Special Tools

Many SEO resellers will try to allure you by revealing the benefits of their secret sauces, but that is where you need to hold on and take leave. No special tools now stand relevant and effective in ranking any content higher on the Search Engine Result Pages because Google now gives importance to more organic and natural content. Furthermore, the prevalence of these tools is uncertain to be dependent on for a long-term SEO campaign. Usage of so-called ‘’special tools’’ will adversely affect the reputation of your website and can be penalized by Google as well.

Tries to Lock You In

In case, the SEO reseller you are consulting tries to persuade you to get into a deal immediately, you need to back up. There is no hurry in finalizing any deal without getting an in-depth insight into the past services and results of any SEO company. Also, there seems no point in locking customers for long term contracts because services giving profitable results will ultimately retain clients for the long term.

When finding a suitable SEO reseller company, you should first eliminate those having higher chances of giving poor results or getting you penalized. Thereafter, you will be left with potential companies which you will need to evaluate as per the needs of your business.

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