Top Considerations When Choosing the White Label SEO Company

SEO concept on screen

Besides being a crucial part of digital marketing, Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is an expensive and daunting task. Moreover, because of increasing importance and dependence on Search Engine Optimization, no one can do anything but invest a fortune in it. Handling different aspects of SEO alone is very complex that marketing SEO services become hard for many SEO agencies. And that’s where a white label SEO company plays a vital role. A white label SEO company is one that assists digital marketing companies in performing SEO. White label SEO companies benefit SEO companies in multiple ways like helping them get more clients, brand scalability, reducing the cost of SEO companies, elevate mass reach, and increased outputs.

So, if you want to shrug off the burden of SEO from your shoulder by outsourcing this job to a white label SEO company, make sure the company you choose offers following services.
a) On-page SEO audits
b) Keyword research
c) Link building
d) Keyword rank tracking
e) General SEO reporting

These are the common services expected from every white label SEO company. By performing these services efficiently, a white label SEO firm can significantly boost the performance of your client’s website. However, with the availability of a myriad of options, deciding whom to choose for your business needs can put you in a quandary. There’s nothing else you can do but go through the following factors that will help you narrow down your list and settle for one with the best services.

Go Through Their Websites

The best way to check the services of a white label SEO company is by going through its website. Even white label SEO companies maintain a website to market their services and optimize it well to captivate the attention of potential clients. Thus, by checking out the functionality of their websites, you can have an idea of their services. On-page SEO practices, latest design trends, easy loading and navigation, and backlink profile, are some things you can observe on their website. Since backlink is a crucial factor of white label SEO in India, its quality should be checked using an appropriate backlink checker tool.

Go Through Reviews and Feedbacks

It is your company’s name that will be attached to the services offered to your clients no matter who does it, so be careful while choosing a white label SEO company for your business. In order to avoid being diluted for offering substandard SEO services, you should first go through clients’ reviews and feedbacks on either white label SEO company’s website or other sources like Rip Off Report.

Ask for Samples and Case Studies

It is a non-negotiable step to ask a white label SEO company to show some samples and case studies as proof of what they preach. Ask the company to show you a website they have worked on in the past and observe the following things.
• Ask them to show the state of the website before they took over their SEO
• Strategies they used to improve this website
• What results they have achieved over time
• Check their SEO reports they disclose to their clients

Check Their Payment Options

You can encounter two types of payment options when searching for a white label SEO company i.e. flat rates and customizable options. This totally depends on you that what you want to invest in because both the options have both advantages and some drawbacks. Since you will be acting as a middleman between final clients and white label company, you can use platforms like and The Hoth to ascertain the package rates that you can offer to businesses and pay to a white label SEO company.

Test Their Customer Support

Any downfall in the SEO services will bring your company into criticism, so it is better you check the customer support system of white label SEO companies before, settling for the one you find suitable for your business. Ask the relevant FAQs pertaining to the latest SEO trends and updates and leave nothing unearthed.
Use the aforementioned factors to ease your white label SEO company hunt and settle for the right one that will help your business reach the next level.

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