Trends Every Digital Marketer Must Look Out for in 2020

Did you ever prioritize artificial intelligence, data-driven marketing, or voice search as the ambitious concepts of digital marketing? Perhaps, no. Hitherto a few years ago, these concepts bordered on the ridiculous, but now these trends are the top priorities for most business owners in 2020. The reason being, they strive to remain competitive in today’s online market by adapting to the dynamics of evolving digital marketing aspects. Marketers can’t anymore rely on their educated guesses and the same old methods of work because the technology is moving faster and consumer behavior and interest are difficult to ascertain. To allay their job, we are stating the latest trends that are capable of assisting as 2020 digital marketing guide. Read on to know more.


2020 is the year of the dominance of artificial intelligence, and if you haven’t realized it yet, you are going nowhere. It has global importance in the mega industries and is supposed to increase the global GDP by up to 14% by the end of the next decade. The pros of AI state its efficacy in analyzing consumer behavior and search pattern. It, in fact, uses social media platforms and blogs to help businesses understand their customers’ search behavior better. Currently, it can be seen implemented in basic communication, product recommendation, content creation, email personalization, and eCommerce transactions.


AI is like the motherboard of a CPU where all computing functions take place. So, when it comes to programmatic advertising, marketers use AI functions and automate Ad buying to target a more specific audience. Real-time bidding is a popular example of this trend, which ensures higher conversions and lower customer acquisition costs.


Chatbots are an AI-based technology that uses instant messaging to chat in real-time with the customers or site visitors. It is believed to remain an important digital marketing trend in 2020 as well. Because of its 24/7 availability, prompt answerability, and ability to recall accurate buying history, many customers prefer to interact through chatbots. Even when the actual workforce isn’t available to attend the prospects and existing clients, this virtual assistant offers outstanding customer services.


Why have Chatbots become so important? The reason they are being incorporated on almost every website nowadays is that they promote conversions. Also, people want it that way, which is why brands are reacting. Precisely, conversational marketing assists in one-to-one communication between marketers and consumers. Since over 80% of customers seek immediate answers, this form of marketing connects brands with the clients based on their devices, platforms, and suitable time schedule.


Content often gets boring and doesn’t acquire the desired level of engagement but videos are more virtually effective for that matter. The trend of incorporating videos on the websites is not new to many professionals who have been doing it for about 5-10 years. They only claim to have succeeded exponentially over the years because of video marketing. However, in 2020, there is a great chance of it shifting to mobiles because of the growing usability of mobile phones.


Social media influencers are in abundance nowadays, who engage in word-of-mouth promotion of several giant brands. The technique they follow focuses on using their own industrial leadership to amplify a brand message to the mass audience. They can be well-known celebrities or emerging Instagram or YouTube personalities, having a huge fan following. Their avid fans follow them willfully, eventually helping the brand they promote become popular.
The digital market is a vast landscape stuck in the vicious trap of competing tools and elements on the internet. Only an experienced and well-skilled marketer knows how to simplify the tasks revolve around SEO and PPC. Their proficiency is the result of their up-to-date knowledge regarding the latest trends and determination to cope with them frequently.

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