Understanding the Latest Online Trends in Content Marketing

As the digital market continues to prosper with the decline of traditional media marketing, we see multiple changes with time as companies compete to retain clients and become the best in their niche.
Content marketing, which has now become the backbone of all forms of marketing, is a must-include thing for any successful marketing strategy. To attract your customers, all you have to do is use the relevant, up-to-date, and high-quality content. The problem which makes the life of brands difficult is that with the changing digital world, the consumers demand also change at a rapid rate. Thus, as the technological landscape evolves, new content marketing trends are changing how brands and marketers reach their target audiences. Let us take a look at the current marketing trends which are essential to every company’s advertising campaign:

Use of Virtual and Augmented Reality

Virtual reality glasses, a recent invention, has stirred up the world of online marketing by opening up a lot of new options. Virtual reality is able to attract the user completely into the video experience, making it a fresh and attractive approach that the customers will surely love. Even though the technology is new and hasn’t yet found its way into the entire world, companies have already started incorporating the power of virtual reality into their content marketing strategies. The tech giants which are on the front foot when it comes to virtual reality includes the likes of Facebook and Sony.
Augmented Reality, just like virtual reality is yet another technology that companies can use in marketing campaigns. Augmented reality allows you to use different sensory inputs such as visual, olfactory, and auditory. Augmented reality

Increasing Live Videos

Emerging just a couple of years ago, right now live videos are the most famous option used by almost all of the social media stars. Even the customers and users of these social media platforms such as Facebook and Instagram can go live and share their videos with their friends and the rest of the world.
When compared to other options such as photos and written content, videos are short and convey much more information than anything else. Moreover, through the live videos, people can interact with the one featuring in the live video, making them much more engaging than any other type of content.
The reason why the recently trending live videos are going to storm the internet in the upcoming years is that as the accessibility to the internet grows at a fast pace, people tend to get attracted to media which is instant and conveys information quickly without consuming much time. Live videos enable brands to go live during their product launches and reach a greater audience through the internet in real-time. As the live videos option is still new in the market, a lot of brands are still missing the various opportunities provided by these videos. For example, the brands can organize a live video session for the customers where they can answer various questions related to their products and services. Direct interaction, which is one of the best ways to satisfy customers, can be of real use in making marketing campaigns successful.

Using Stories for Promotion

The stories feature on the various social media platforms is another feature that the public absolutely love. A feature which started on Snapchat can now be seen everywhere from Instagram and Facebook to WhatsApp. The stories remain online for 24 hours and get deleted automatically after that. Based on the privacy settings on the user, his/her followers and non-followers can see the stories of the user. The stories are the most diverse feature of any social networking platform because you can upload all photos, videos, and text as well in your stories.
These trends are here to stay as they best suit the needs of a growing customer base on the internet.

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