What’s the Role of Digital Marketer in 2020

Digital marketing is the process of promoting products or services from various forms of media. It is all about connecting with the audience in the right place and at the right time. The benefits of digital marketing are becoming more prevalent as more and more consumers are researching and buying products online. And even small businesses are implementing digital marketing tactics to reach and engage with the targeted customers online. The role of digital marketers here is to use digital channels to generate leads and create brand awareness. The digital channels include the company website, social media, search engine ranking, email marketing, online display ads, and corporate blogs. Their job is also to use measurable analytics to identify weaknesses and find ways to improve the performances. The qualification required of a digital marketer in 2020 goes way beyond basic marketing strategies and creative skills.

In the field of digital marketing, experience or a good internship speaks volumes, and certifications are the new degrees. Let’s look at some skills and areas of expertise required for digital marketers.

Video- Statistics show that video increases engagement with customers while helping sites rank higher on the search engine. It is difficult to catch people’s attention and creating video content is a great way to do it. A digital marketer should know the basics of creating a video. Understand how to write scripts and use platforms and apps to create videos. This will also add to your appeal when applying for digital marketing jobs.

SEO and SEM- The role of a marketer is to understand search engine optimization and search engine marketing in order to work in this field. The marketer doesn’t usually perform the back-end technology stuff but has to understand the importance of such and the best practices. Understand how these two functions help the marketer to work together with the rest of the digital team.

Content Marketing- The content is what attracts and engages with the customer, whether it is a website, video, social media, or blogging. Understanding the aspects of the content from how it is created, its effectiveness, and how to use it provides a tremendous amount of information needed for any digital marketing. And the role of a digital marketer is to understand this and come up with ways to use the content to meet the business goal.

Data and Analytics- The most important part of collecting data is how to use the information collected. The role of the marketer is to monitor campaigns and apply the findings based on the behavior of the consumers. Doing this will help them to come up with better strategies that will drive in more traffic and increase the conversion rate. These data are used in innovative ways to retain customers and to bring in new leads.

Design- The design is a crucial thing as it can make or break the engagement with the customers. The design layout also ensures that the online experience of the customers is simple yet effective. It could include online shopping sites, accessing information, and other services the company offers. And customer satisfaction is the key to the success of digital marketing, so the design plays an important role.

Tech Knowledge- Since technology is the driving force in the digital world, the marketer should be aware of the latest technology and how it is used. And technology keeps on evolving, so they should have the ability to adapt to these changes quickly, understand what’s coming so that the digital marketing plans are current. Knowledge of web coding and Content Marketing System is a must.

Understanding the engagement of the customer is another important skill that a digital marketer should possess. Understand all the aspects from SEO to content, the latest technology, and how people respond to it are all the essential skills.

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