Why is Your Site Losing Traffic?

There could be several reasons why your site is losing traffic. You need to understand why your site might be down. It could be because:

  • Google penalized the site.
  • The domain has some problems that have led to a decline.

The first thing you need to do is check the status and understand what is broken on your site.

Here are some important reasons why your site loses Google SEO Ranking and how you should deal with downtime.

How Can You Get a Google Penalty?

This often results in significant reductions in search engine rankings, which occur at night. If you notice that your site is dropping more than 10-20 positions with a lot of keywords, this may indicate a fine. The main difference between algorithmic and manual penalties is that the first ones are automatic and are usually released with various Google updates, while the second ones are used by a Google employee personally. Given the fact that Google has made a habit of making updates without explicitly stating them, you should always be aware of quality changes. You know you have been penalized by Google if the downsizing is harsh and fast, and you can see that your site continues to rank well in other search engines.

How Can You Identify And Recover In Google Penalty?

Your best bet to see what happens can be to preview your Google Webmaster Tools account. There you will receive notifications from Google about the personal actions they have taken on your site. First, you need to see if there are any notifications in the site message menu. Here you will be notified if there are any problems detected by GoogleBot.

You should also check out the Manual Actions section from Google Webmaster Tools, as it is the only place where you will be notified of Google penalties applied to your site. You need to accept the decision calmly and continue to solve the problem. Identifying what has damaged your site is the first thing you should do. Once on the page, you need to think carefully about your content and link. Check out duplicate content. If it is not on the page, you need to find and delete links that were considered non-native. To recover from the penalties in person, you will need to submit a request for reconsideration. Note that it may take some time until you return your position to the SERPs.

How Can You Avoid Google Punishment?

Keep track of your links and the risk of being punished with special tools that let you know when something first happens in your link profile.

How to Identify This?

This usually decreases slightly. You will see your competing site eating away at you and other sites will often be in the same situation as before.

How Do You Identify Your Competitive Problem?

You should always monitor and analyze your competitor’s sites and public profiles to better understand what they are doing.

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How Do You Protect Yourself From Competing?

Tracking your major competitors and understanding their link-building strategies can predict their next move.

  • Keep a close eye on their content strategies and link-building strategies.
  • If they are growing slowly it means they are doing something right. Understand and modify your strategies accordingly. You should try to be very diverse and creative with your content marketing strategies if you want to stand out from the competition.


Wherever you go online, you will find that the most intelligent website owners have one step ahead, which is security measures in how they build and market their sites. Skipping the temptation to jump fast in the first place using shady SEO techniques, and in line with current updates are the best things you can do to protect and increase your visibility in search engines.

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