Content Marketing vs Blogging

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Writing has been a buzz on the internet as whatever we encounter over there is somehow related to content be it informational or promotional. But confusion arises between blogging and content marketing, two different writing terms that are generally used interchangeably. A lot of misconceptions revolve around both the terms but if you will dig deeper, you’ll find out how enormously distinct these jobs are. So, what exactly is blog and content writing? Statistics state that over half of the internet users feel positive about the brand and products based on written marketing on the websites. A job that requires the conduct of several other tasks such as finding what readers want to know and what keywords they plug in the search box, writing blogs, articles, and guest posts that answer to their questions, and optimizing the posts to appear on top of the search result pages, is done by content writers. While on the other hand, blogging comes from a truncation of weblog and is done more informally be it for personal, corporate, or political interest.

Sure, that doesn’t sound enough for a comparison. Hence, read here three key bases of comparison between content marketing and blogging.


‘Beast’ is what they call this term and if you aren’t trained in the digital world, then you might not be able to see it that way. In an integrated way, it is a large scale project that demands comprehensive work management. The writer is not only expected to draft posts but also asked to optimize it for the website using relevant and high-quality keywords. It incorporates texts, visuals, and information in the process of creating shareable content. There are different forms of writing, i.e., blogs, articles, guest posts, and many others. It’s an umbrella term that engulfs everything and establishes the visibility and lasting reputation of the business in the least intrusive way. It drives the audience to the desired landing page without charging any money and with no personal intent of the writers.


Blogs are an informal way of captivating the attention of readers through daily tales, stories, opinions, and reviews. It is one of several tools used by the umbrella term that is effective in maximizing traffic on the website. In fact, marketers believe that blogs are thirteen times more productive than any other tool in bringing out the desired or even more return on investment. Now coming to more personal bloggers, it’s a medium to express views on social issues or just personal adventures and experiences. Most newbies tend to explore the writing world through personal blogging on WordPress and even learn a lot to further get paid for doing the same in a content marketing company.


For each term has individual meaning, imparting unique benefits is also common in both the context. Talking about SEO, you first need to accept the fact that both are equally important. Blogs are the perfect channel to drive re-visits from the readers and persuade them to make the final purchase. The tool is mainly used for branding and promoting the brand using positive speech in the post about the business’s products and services. Whereas, content marketing is more technical as all the technicalities of Google AdWords and algorithmic updates are concisely considered throughout the process, so the campaign can be protected from legal constraints.

Having understood that, it all boils down to a fascinating fact that blogging is a tool and content marketing is an operating system. Both are imperative for achieving great success in the digital market, but you need to begin with a formulation of the strategic campaign and then align your blogs to it.

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