How to Rank Higher On Google Maps?

Research shows that Google Maps is a preferred navigation app for 67% of consumers.

And since shoppers rarely look beyond the first few results when looking for a place to go, it is important to make sure your Google MyBusiness SEO listing has been upgraded so that it appears first in the relevant search. Research also shows that these buyers end up in Google Maps business listings based on keyword search more often than business name search. That being said, it is important that your listing is at the top of Google Maps.

How To Make A Top Position On Google Maps Directly Vs Discovery Search

Another reason to rate Google Maps is that the top three Google Maps listings will also be displayed in the standard Google search results if applicable. And with 46% of Google’s local search results,  can significantly increase the visibility of your business.

How To Set It Up On Google Maps

Positioning on Google Maps usually means leveling on the Google Search homepage as well. The third reason to rank high on Google Maps is that the things you do to rank high will improve the quality of your listing and add more ways for consumers to engage with your business. With 86% of consumers using Google Maps to view business, this opens up many opportunities to improve engagement.

How to make your business listing more effective on Google Maps

So how do you get your business listing to appear at the top of Google Maps? Just as there is an on-page and off-page setting on a local SEO website, there are listings and non-listing for business SEO. But first, you need to be listed in Google Maps.

Add your business to Google Maps

Of course, you cannot rate or successfully market Google Maps if you do not have a Google Maps listing in the first place. If you do not have a list or are not sure, follow the steps below to add your business to Google Maps:

  1. Go to or the Google Maps SEO app on your smartphone and search for your business name.
  2. When it appears in the drop-down menu that has a location next to it, it means you have a list! Skip to the next section.
  3. If your business name does not appear, you will see an option in the drop-down menu to “add a non-existent location.” Once you click on that, you will be asked to provide your name, category, and location.


What you should be aware of here is that anyone in the world can add a business to Google Maps. Therefore, even if you have not done so yourself, it is still best to check and verify that your business listing does not already exist. And don’t worry: Anyone, anyone who adds your business to Google Maps has no control over that listing. Only one who wants to be listed by proving the business owner of that control, which we will move on to next.

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