List of Common SEO Mistakes to Avoid

It is always necessary to optimize the website and blog in the process of content marketing. To bring visitors and customers to the sales funnel, optimizing the website plays a crucial role. With developments in search engines and user’s perspectives, SEO strategies are also changing. A lot of businesses suffer from wrong SEO techniques. They face results with low traffic and fewer conversion rates. While most of the SEO techniques give results, a few of them can be harmful in the long run. Here a few of the common SEO mistakes committed by some of the agencies for SEO in India.

In many cases, not choosing the perfect keywords act as a hindrance to the optimization process. Most SEO service provider fails to recognize the keywords preferred by search engines and users. It is a crucial thing to understand the keywords preferred by customers. So, proper background research before initiating the optimization process will always be a good idea.

Onboarding along with keywords is a work of spam, as per the guidelines of search engines. It can affect SEO performance. Using the keywords often can make the content less meaningful. Google’s Latent Semantic Index (LSI) can easily highlight the repetitions of keywords unnecessarily.

Creating content that is entirely different and irrelevant to the keywords is also a major SEO mistake. Failing to relate the topic with the keywords targeted for ranking can give you poor ranking. The main purpose of the search engines like Google is to ensure the most relevant content to the users. So, if you fail to provide a relevant to the users, the search engine will rank you low. Creating a low-quality content just for the sake of imparting the keywords is a big mistake. It is only when you provide relevant content to the keywords searched by the users, you will achieve a higher rank from the search engines.

Another common SEO mistake is creating duplicate content. Having duplicate content is vulnerable to penalty action as plagiarized and copied content is considered as a spammy work by the search engines. Developing an original and meaningful text will save the website from downgrading and penalties.

The optimization process is not over just by imparting the target keywords into the content. One should also be considerate about title tags and meta descriptions which are a crucial part of the SEO process. Most search engines will monitor these elements on the website and rank according to ways they have been maintained. In many cases, content marketers fail to impart image tags. The alt tags in the image used in the content will determine the ways how the article has been targeted.

A few content marketers emphasize the number of external links rather than quality. It becomes the main reason behind receiving penalty action from the search engines. Having a relevant link will help achieve a better ranking of the website. Imparting backlinks of the sites linked to your website also helps in attracting traffic in the future. Sometimes, employing ineffective anchor text while building links is also a common mistake.
Having a poor website performance on mobile devices can jeopardize the ranking in the search engines. Most people in this world today are more convenient with mobile devices. Search engines also support mobile-friendly websites that are accessible from smartphones and other mobile devices.

A few marketers fail to track their progress, which is also a big SEO mistake. To determine whether the search engine optimization and content efforts are working or not, setting a regular review of the analytics is essential.
These are just a few of the SEO mistakes that hinder the optimization process to many marketers and agencies. Many marketers find the best SEO in India to get the best search engine results of their websites by avoiding the mistakes.

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