Marketing Your Business on Twitter? Here’s What You Should Do

After Facebook, Instagram, or even Pinterest, Twitter is the platform where most businesses set grounds for their successful future. This American microblogging and social networking service channels through posts and messages that are restricted to only 280 characters. It facilitates short message communication and allows link attachments, so when an image is worth a thousand words, it can be linked with the post to expand the character limit. But what makes Twitter unique? Its features that resemble those of other popular channels like Facebook and LinkedIn, help it stand out. Hence, if Twitter is a part of your digital marketing campaign, make sure you are aware of all these features, the latest updates, and real-time marketing benefits that this channel has to offer.
Getting started on Twitter also doesn’t have to be daunting if you are aware of a step-by-step guide. If not, then let’s dive into how you can use Twitter for social media marketing.


It’s your chance to tell what you are renowned for and what your business story is. First, you’ll need to create an account and give a visual face to your profile. You may begin by choosing the right username that makes sense to your followers and can be used by the public to identify you. Then, you will write a captivating bio that draws the attention of both who belongs to your network and who has no prior knowledge about your business. For the profile picture, a business logo is the best shot you can give or anything that relates to your work and people know about can also do wonders.


Please, please, please, don’t tweet until you have completed the first step. Once done, you are safe to proceed with the introduction part. Although some would condemn this step by saying it isn’t the perfect time for publishing tweets, here’s why you need to do it now. According to human psychology, no one follows you until you have something to share with them. Hence, until and unless your timeline is having a few tweets, you are going to deflect the target audience for they may think of you as a spammer or robot.


You need to be selective of whom you follow because when you follow someone, you subscribe to read what they share. It dictates the type of content you have access to and the quality of the relationship you can establish. The basic criteria to choose whom to follow includes experience, industry, and the ultimate goals and the people you may follow encompass friends, industry professionals, local businesses, colleagues, and current or potential customers. So, the key is to follow businesses similar to yours, that are also successful.


Some tweets are specifically designed for a particular group based on industry, profession, relationship, expertise, or more. Hence, Twitter offers a cool feature wherein you can create a Twitter list by grouping followers under different categories. Although you might still be growing your community, it’s not a waste to create your first list just to get accustomed to the tradition that you will be needing to do frequently in the future.


Having a Twitter account for marketing but not connecting the website to it, will be your biggest mistake. It’s the best way of driving traffic to the business website and building social following organically. Additionally, you may also want to give your website link in email newsletters with a strong call-to-action.

Let’s rewind the foregoing steps quickly. As you decide to use Twitter for digital marketing, you will create an account that will contain a powerful and enticing username, profile picture, and bio and a link to your website. Following the right people, organizing them under different categories, and introducing yourself through tweets will be your final encounters to getting started on Twitter rightly.

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